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I'm 🐧 - Self introduction in English

Introduce of myself

 This is an article about who I am.


asaco, Monica, sacco-tan, DJ MorningKid is...

"Glutton Creative director," from Wakayama

Main designer of Live Event "WONDER WORLD" organized by You Kurihara 

Also working on her artworks like website, CD jackets, or merchandises.

Good at... Ads planning, Designing businesscards / flyers / posters / web, wedding movies.

Love... Penguins, Photogenic things, and food!



▼ Summary

Born in 1991 from Wakayama. Creative Director at Ads company a. k. a. "Glutton Creator and Office worker "
Design of flyers, T-shirts WONDER WORLD hold by a singer and song writer, You Kurihara
Flyer/Business name cards/T-shirts/editing Wedding Movie/Ads Planning/Translation(ENG⇔JAP)
Penguins Lover/Photogenic hunter



▼History: Childhood - Student

In 1991, I was taken up before the dawn in the countryside between mountain and the sea.
My parents had run a bookstore and there were great various books. My dad was a genuine Macintosh Freak, so that the circumstance was very enough to grow up as an perfect Internet geek kid.
On the other hand I couldn't adapt to typical "girls' society" in the classroom. I'd always been skeptical about the girls' rule of "Belong to at least one specific girls group" throughout from elementary school to high school.
I become to dream that I'd like to have broad friendship with various types of people to see the world in diverse way
For me who'd been in such a closed countryside with the girls, Internet is the shiny starry sky with the extend value.
It was really interesting and stimulative to chat with people whom I totally don't know or will never see each other again. 
English was very useful tool for that, then it necessarily becomes my favorite subject.
I felt like my field was expanded twice when I just could comprehend it.



▼History: Student in city life

New life has begun in a big city(except my hometown, almost all other places are big city for me!)
I felt the extension of my world at this time, too.
Started DJ, first time to talk with foreign friends, and begun designlike things...
Through above experience, I realized myself,
-- "Ah, it's not too late for me to begin something new from now."
-- "I'm not the rustic person who's spending time in rural area."
This awareness opened my life and switched on my joyful life.In addition, I went to study abroad to learn English. That became the reason why I'm attracted custom/culture of other countries, and foreign people with great proud of them.
At the same time, I was wondered why such foreign culture cannot go well here in Japan, and so on...


▼History: Office worker - Present

I started to work in an Advertisement agency.
The 1st official reason why I choose this work is that I wanna cheer up/ to encourage "true good" ppl or things.
Besides, 2nd reason is that I'm really crazy about fancy/fashionable things, researching trends, have habit of investigating every design, and love the new things to me.
These features match to only this industry. This is my easy reason why I work here.On the beginning, I was pointed out my all bad disposition; hesitant or careless by my boss and colleagues... then finally I lost almost ALL of my confidence.
I'm so easy to cry that my lachrymal glands are so much weaker than balloons.
I think that it was uncanny for my colleagues to look my sobbing at the desk on every day. lolI'm struggling with the work even still in these days.
My previous position was in media buyer and now I'm a creative director in the company.
Also, I'm a designer in private.
Creating... Flyers aimed at diffusion in SNS, easy memorable business cards, Artists' merchandise (T-shirts or towel etc.), simple&pop illustration, animated/memorial/wedding movie.
→my works are displayed on


▼What I'll do from now on

1. Live in other country

I wanna challenge with my Language skill that I've kept focusing on learning it since I was a student. However I totally couldn't imagine that I can do so in childhood.
There're two choices, being hired by a company, or acting as a freelancer of Branding/PR person.


2. Producing Service or Tool of Art/Culture × for Children × Digital Tech (especially in the field of Education of Second Language )

I hope any kids to feel the moment of extension of their own worlds.
I hope them to learn not only knowledge as a "subject", but also language as a "skill."
It'll still take long time that learning foreign language becomes common thing and children get used to speak it without shyness here in Japan.
My final aim is to create something to make the Japanese "shy" or "modest" custom thinner or remove out.



I have still less confidence of my future career now,anyway what I want to create as works is the things you give a gasp of surprise.
If you witness my being lazy in spite of my big words above,
please just hit and encourage me strongly!
Hope this blog to beloved and shared by many people.